Sunday, 21 March 2010

Take Part in EVP Research

The Furzey Hill Cirlce is currently investigating the EVP phenomenon. As part of their research they have created an on-line survey. This is what they say about their research:

"As part of the research its important to know that our interpretations of voice clips are as accurate as possible. This can be very difficult, when one person may hear something clearly that the second is unable to hear with repeated playing. The only way to determine a common understanding is by asking as many people as possible, to listen to and interpret a clip. Obviously we can not do this for every clip, but we have isolated 8 that illustrate the diversity of the voices.

When you have listened to the clips below and written down an interpretation for each, please click the following link to enter the online submission of your results. If you are unable to understand one or more of the clips, please enter "unknown" in the free text field. You can remain anonymous if you wish and it should only take a few minutes to complete ; VOICE RECORDING RESEARCH

2nd Voice

3rd Voice

4th Voice

5th Voice

6th Voice

7th Voice

8th Voice"

This is a great opportunity to take part in some interesting research.


  1. 1. Do you like testing?
    2. They won't change their ways.
    3. You saw me./ You solar meets.
    4. Haddy paw bah. ?
    5. No more smackin. /. No moi semacken.
    6. ?
    7. Hello, she worked hard. / Hello, she wanted hard.
    8. Cut co cory. ?

  2. 3-glimpse all of it 4-Happy Farmer 5- No wars tomorrow 6-dissolve it 7-how's Mama? Fine. 8 I've somebody or I've stomped on it.