Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Apparent Ectoplasmic Materialization Videos...

Find more videos like this on Physical Mediumship 4U

Are we seeing a new renaissance of physical mediumship?


  1. Apparently spirits can't materialize unless the medium is hidden from view. Oh, and cheesy Mantovani-like music must be played to get that deeply spiritual ambiance so necessary for spirit-summoning.

    Just wtf is the guy's hand poking out from under the curtain supposed to represent?

  2. Hi,

    The videos are of alleged ectoplasmic materializations. According to tradition ectoplasm is light sensitive, hence necessity for darkness. Cabinets are said to be used as a means to concentrate energy/ectoplasm. Music is used in many societies to induce altered states of consciousness, I would suggest that this is also the case here.

    As to what is really happening here (whether actual materialisation or fraudulence), I don't know. We'll have to wait for more evidence to decide that.

  3. I never quite know what to think about cabinet work in physical mediumship. I understand the medium wants to be isolated and the need to control outside stimuli, but I really feel cameras and many other recording devices should be in with the medium. Unlike other forms of ITC there is just too many possible variables in a sitting circle to contend with. Granted I don't know enough about what's going on in the video to offer much opinion. I am assuming the medium is supposed to be tied down, unable to move and that hand is supposed to be ectoplasm from an entity?

    I am highly suspicious of such displays, even though I understand the explanations. If it were me; I'd like to see a night vision and a heat sensitive camera on the medium as well as a camera on the camera's; AND sound recorders and the medium hooked up to medical devices.

    Perhaps sitting circles say such actions are not possible in their work. If so, I don't know that the general population will ever be able to look at sitting circles with anything but passing curiosity and entertainment.

    I am a hesitant/skeptical believer, but I strongly feel physical mediumship needs to skip forward to the 21st century.

  4. Hi Paul,

    I agree. A skip into the 21st century is definitely needed. I think the shift is in progress already, at least to some extent, in the sense that we are seeing videos like these where once we would only have had descriptions or photos at best.

    As I say, more evidence is needed, but these videos are interesting nevertheless (whether we look at them as potential evidence of paranormal phenomena or as a sociological phenomenon).


  5. what is this if u don't know what is materialization look to the katie spirit materialization.
    stop bluffing

  6. I've seen some stupid crap posted on the internet, but this takes the cake! Are you trying to tell me that this guy's hand is possessed? Or somehow this hand appeared out of nowhere?


    Move along , please. There's NOTHING to see here...

  7. Hi,can any of you please tell me if the ectoplasm is a so called energy form,then how does the consciousness come into play or how does it still have a consciousness without a physical incarnation??

  8. Get the infra-camera behind that curtain! We need to see the materialization dynamics!