Monday, 21 January 2013

Why People Believe in Spirits, Gods and Magic: An Introduction to the Anthropology of the Supernatural

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new e-book, 'Why People Believe in Spirits, Gods and Magic,' which is now available to purchase for Kindle from amazon. It is basically a beginner's introduction to the anthropology of the supernatural:

"This ebook attempts to explore the question of why and how people come to believe in spirits, gods and magic from a social anthropological perspective. Covering topics such as Shamanism & Spirit Possession, Witchcraft & Magic, Ghosts, Spirits, Gods & Demons, Ethnography & the Paranormal and Anthropology & Parapsychology, this ebook provides an overview of supernatural traditions and practices around the world. The author also explores anthropological interpretations of supernatural and spiritual experiences, including the the paranormal experiences of anthropologists themselves, while engaged in fieldwork."

Featuring a Foreword by Dr. Fiona Bowie and an Afterword by Dr. David Luke.

"Jack Hunter presents a thorough and well-integrated overview of social and behavioral scientific theories of the supernatural, and illuminates the significance of methodologies for studying such phenomena. Legitimating the "possibilian" study of the "paranormal" continues the anthropological project of escaping from the ethnocentrism of discounting nondominant views and experiences." - Prof. Charles F. Emmons (author of "Chinese Ghosts and ESP," "Guided by Spirit," and "Science and Spirit.")

I hope some of you find it interesting: