Saturday, 30 August 2014

Paranthropology Vol. 5 No. 3 - Now Available to Download


The Spectrum of Specters:
 Making Sense of Ghostly Encounters - Jammie Price

The Witch from “His-Story” to “Her-Stories”: Changing Contexts - Matt Coward

The Complexities of Evaluating  Evidence for “Psychic” Effects: 
Spontaneous Case Research in Parapsychology and Some Considerations for Progression - S. Alexander Hardison

Ritual as Therapy:
 Steps Towards an Ethnography of the Invisible - Peter Mark Adams

‘Research Among Spirits, Ghosts and Deities: How to Study Non-Ordinary Realities’ - Panel at BASR Annual Conference, The Open University, 
September 2014

COMMENTARY: Progressivism, Materialism, Anthropology, Politics, and the Paranormal: Reflections on a Talk on William James' "Excision" - T. Peter Park

REVIEW: ‘Talking With the Spirits: Ethnographies from Between the Worlds’ Edited by Jack Hunter & David Luke - William Rowlandson

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