Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Carbon Dioxide & Near-Death Experiences...

I just found this news item, from Sky News, detailing new research into the link between CO2 levels in the body and near-death experiences (NDE):

"CO2 May be Cause of 'Near-Death Experiences'"

It is interesting to note that while the headline of the article reads: "Near death experiences could come about by something as mundane as raised levels of carbon dioxide, scientists suggest", clearly an attempt at suggesting a purely physical, and hence reductionist, explanation for the phenomenon, Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, the research leader, when asked if the study would rule out a paranormal component said: "I don't think that, based on our study, we can say that paranormal believers are wrong. We have simply found out that one of the factors that could play a role in provoking the NDE, is carbon dioxide. But a lot still has to be done to totally explain this phenomena."

I wonder why the media is so keen to present such stories as though they were evidence against a supernatural reality?


  1. I agree with you!

    I think such statements as "such and such biological, chemical, physical, insert science here; is-being the definite cause of any paranormal event/experience" is an unfortunate example of misleading information.

    It all is very much akin to the way journalism works. Heavy trigger catch phrases, one sided leaning arguments, out of context content. I doubt very much that the data of these and other scientists would be as conclusive as such new stories.

    I think humans need to be aware that biological, chemical, and physical triggers can be perfectly valid in opening the biochemical, electromagnetic of the human brain/nervous system to the "great unknown". Perhaps it is one of these scientific functions that allow our bio-computer of a brain to arrange itself in such a way to experience a "real" paranormal event. Be that, some part of our electromagnetic energy to partially or completely pass into another dimension. But then I might be wrong. Thing is given today's technology proving such, might be impossible.

    Another problem I have with such news stories of science is that they belittle the impact such experience has on the lives of humans. From what could really be a life enriching experience to "oh, it's just a malfunction of your brain" or your crazy.

    Just a thought...

  2. I agree. It certainly seems to me that chemical and physical triggers are keys to allow experiences of a more subtle order of reality that is otherwise hidden. Just like when the amazonian shaman partakes of ayahuasca to commune with the spirits of the forest - a chemical key to unlock the door.