Sunday, 4 April 2010

Pre-Cognitive Dream of Unfortunate Lotto Winner

I just stumbled across this story about a former Baker who won £9million on the Lottery in 2005. The money he won negatively affected his life, ultimately leading to his death 5 years later. What interested me most about the article was the following passage:

"At the time the couple scooped the jackpot, Mrs Gough, a secretary, said her husband had a dream their numbers would come up. She said: "A few nights ago Keith told me he had dreamt we had won the lottery. I dismissed it and told him that 'everyone has those kind of dreams' and to forget about it. I never believed it would come true."

Looks like a case of pre-cognitive dreaming.

I wonder how many pre-cognitive dreams are simply dismissed? It is a shame as they do appear to perform the function of an early warning system of sorts; signs that, naturally, ought to be heeded.

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