Saturday, 6 June 2009

Corroborational and Non-Corroborational Phenomena...

When sitting in seance conditions it is possible to distinguish between those occurrences that are corroborated by other sitters, and those that seem to be almost entirely subjective. But there is an added strangeness to this situation in that there are occasions when two individuals might perceive the same light or hear the same sound, while other sitters present in the same room experience no such thing.

This led me to speculate that phenomena exist within a spectrum ranging from the objective and hence corroborational to the subjective and non-corroborational. From this perspective it is possible to imagine all manner of phenomena occurring along the spectrum; some of which are much easier to corroborate with others, some that can be perceived by some individuals but not all, and those that can only be subjectively experienced internally.

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