Thursday, 4 June 2009

An Experiment...

This evening a new circle is set to be started at the Bristol Spirit Lodge with the aim to develop physical mediumship. It is intended that rigorous notes are to be made by all attendees with the purpose of accurately charting the development of the circle and any phenomena that might occur.

Although such experiments have been conducted numerous times, it is still, to my mind, of great importance. It will enable me to gain first hand experience of the earliest stages of seance development; giving an insight into the processes involved in the cultivation of physical mediumship and psi phenomena. It is intended that any data collected during the course of the experiment will be collated, analysed and written up.

I feel that this form of engagement on the behalf of the researcher is fundamental to an in depth study of the seance and its phenomena. It is a form of deep participant observation; I will not separate myself from the proceedings; what could be termed a paraphenomenological approach.

I have no doubt that it will be a fascinating experience. Further details will be reported when available.

As is the custom at the Bristol Spirit Lodge the new circle has been given the name "High Spirits", Christine Di Nucci's reports of the circle's development can be read here.

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