Thursday, 11 June 2009

Developing Trance...

The new circle at the Bristol Spirit Lodge provides and opportunity to observe the behavioural traits of those undergoing trance development. Some of the sensations mentioned by the trainees include:
  • A feeling of drowsiness that is difficult to fight off: referred to as "spirit induced trance".
  • An inability to open the eylids once they have closed.
  • Sensations in the hands and arms: tingling, heaviness, twitches, uncontrolled motion. Certain individuals report that their arms are tired and aching after the seance despite remaining almost completely motionless throughout the duration of the episode.
  • A feeling of detachment from the body, as though the individual has "stepped back" from their body but is still able to perceive physical sensations.
  • The feeling of the need to swallow but of being unable to do so. The throat feels as though it is blocked by mucus (often interpreted to be a sign that ectoplasm is being utilised in the medium).
  • One individual reported a sense of "activity" located around the solar plexus, as well as at other chakra points within the body.
  • When the influencing entity is spoken to the developing medium feels a desire to respond but, for whatever reason, cannot speak out loud. A couple of sitters reported the sensation that their lips were being pulled in an unsuccesful effort to vocalise.
  • Certain individuals report the perception of different colours.

Individual sitters also report differing degrees of trance state; from a deep state (described as "sleep") in which the individual is apparently entirely unconscious and unable to perceive anything in the room around them, to much lighter forms in which the individual remains fully aware of their surroundings.

More such observations will be made over the course of the group's development...

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